A Songwriter’s Message for Animals


Hello world! I am excited to share this video with you. I wrote We Are Alive in 2013 as an anthem for animals. The images in this video are not meant to shock or insult anybody or judge people on their food choices, however they are meant to provoke thought and emotions. It is my goal to encourage you all to take a look behind the curtain and think about things that maybe you never thought of before such as where that burger came from or how did that piece of fur get on my jacket. I was completely shocked when I found out that the decorative fur on Canada Goose jackets comes from thousands of beautiful foxes killed every year. Their meat and carcasses thrown away after they are stripped for their fur, all so that we can make a fashion statement.

On a more personal level, I am a huge animal lover, advocate and vegan for almost 10 years now. I understand and respect others who don’t have the same views as I do, but as a songwriter I have to connect to these passionate parts of myself and stay true to who I am. This song came out of extreme frustration with the animal factory farming industry and complete utter sadness for all the suffering and cruelty these beautiful animals endure so that we can eat cheap burgers. When I saw the documentary Conwspiracy, read Dr.Will Tuttle’s book The World Peace Diet and later plugged into the fact based health research done by Dr. Michael Gregor at Nutrition Facts, I kept being brought further and further into my beliefs. I continue to educated myself even to this day and am still learning the horrors of factory farming and how it is harming our environment.

I do believe that the future is bright. Every year more and more people are becoming aware and joining in the food revolution. Thanks for listening to my song and please feel free to share and leave comments below.

Also a huge thanks to all the wonderful animal lovers out there who fight every day in their own way to make a difference. It is my hope that this song can inspire or make a difference even if it is just in one person’s life.

Blessings to all,