I believe every studio and musician in Vancouver worked on songs from this record in some fashion at some point. Carnival of Mystery was the learning process to which an artist understands who they truly are and who they are not. It is the stumbling and regaining of consciousness. I was a guy with songs and that can become all the things you want yet somehow end up what you don’t want.

My friend Kevin House came up with the title, a lyric from the song Breath of Heaven – it really is still a mystery as to how it ended up the way it did, fragmented and multidirectional. It’s a mystery that I am still alive and want to make music. I really love what Marc’ Lesperance created for the songs She, Please Don’t Pass Me By and Breath of Heaven (and Todd Simko with the atmospheric contributions). Todd and Jon Anderson added some great stuff to Just a Fool.

Available for download only on iTunes at this time.

  • Track 1Breath of Heaven
  • Track 2Please Don't Pass Me By
  • Track 3Leg of Mercy
  • Track 4Gone
  • Track 5We've Come This Far to Say Goodbye
  • Track 6My Love Lily
  • Track 7Late Home Tonight
  • Track 8Just a Fool
  • Track 9In the Arms of a Stranger
  • Track 10She
  • Track 11On the Edge of a Carnival Town (Instrumental)